eXcellerate Northeast Summit

Northeast is considered as a gateway for India to trade with Southeast Asian countries. The distinct geographic position, surrounding international border and proximity to the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries can help in transforming the Northeastern region into an economic corridor connecting the ASEAN countries.

The region possesses immense potential in strengthening India’s relations with South Asian countries and organizations like ASEAN. However, the potential is still to be discovered and understood by major players in the region.

Tourism is an untapped field in the Northeastern region. Cooperation with ASEAN countries in the tourism industry can accelerate economic development of the region, enhance India-ASEAN relations and strengthen the cultural ties between the countries.

eXcellerate Northeast Summit is a first of its kind opportunity to connect with Northeast India and network with entrepreneurs from Northeast states, as well as business delegation coming from neighbouring countries, particularly from ASEAN countries.

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