SMBConnect is India’s largest integrated solution platform which links small and medium sized enterprises and entrepreneurs across the nation. Our mission is to build supportive communities by using effective solutions to connect with customers, providing advisory solutions, leveraging training programs and sharing the experiences of other businesses, so that SMBs can overcome all odds and succeed. Because we believe, Small Can Be Big!

We work on three fundamental principles- Connect, Knowledge and Growth to empower SMEs and to act as catalyst in their development process.


We believe that connectivity empowers SMEs and pushes up their growth trajectory. We organize our annual event Start.Manage.Expand to establish a strong link between mentors and SMEs and among SMEs in India.


We provide knowledge dissemination and resource sharing for SMEs through our annual events, advisory services, newsletters, blogs and social media to enhance the capabilities and competitiveness of SMEs.


SMBConnect creates conducive conditions for fuelling the growth of SMEs and entrepreneurs by empowering them through business connections, technical information and expertise and mentoring services


“To provide India’s largest integrated solution platform to SMBs and to empower them through business connections, knowledge dissemination, technical information and mentoring services to enable them to realize their goals and grow.”


"To act as a catalyst in the transformation of SMEs from a small enterprise to their dream establishment by providing them with the opportunities to access business expertise, new and emerging technologies and to establish business collaborations.