Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can live the rest of your life like most people can’t. 

Entrepreneurship is a fascinating field for the generation where everyone wants to quit their mundane 9-5 jobs and convert their ocean of ideas into a concrete reality. But amidst all this, only a few entrepreneurs become celebrated millionaires while others spend their entire lives struggling in the oblivion. When we talk about these entrepreneurs, we often tend to think of larger than life characters. But let the truth be told, these much celebrated entrepreneurs inspiring a million lives do not go to the upper club of fame and fortune because they are born different, but simply because they choose to live different.

The life of an entrepreneur is similar to a roller coaster ride. There is an entire gamut of emotions he goes through from failure to success, breakdowns to breakthroughs, grief to happiness and from hopelessness to excitement to count a few. But, a successful entrepreneur is also considered to be an emotionally strong individual who sees the beauty in challenges and ambiguities and yet embraces them without giving up.

Empirical studies on Entrepreneurs suggest that the most successful entrepreneurs share a few characteristics in common which set them apart from others. Let’s have a look at a few of them to get inspired and take the next step in entrepreneurship with more determination and focus.

  1. RISK TAKING: Whether it’s a financial, social or psychic sphere of life, the ability to take risks is what distinguishes successful entrepreneurs from average ones. They are courageous to take big chances with proper calculations and planning and are diligent to achieve new heights in life. They are courageous to take big chances with proper calculations and planning and are diligent to achieve new heights in life.
  2. MINDSET: Whether building a business or living a life we love, our thoughts shape our reality in every domain of life. Successful entrepreneurs understand this trick very well and use right kind of mindset to channelize their energies in the right direction. They know how detrimental it is to let negativity take over their lives and constantly feed themselves with positive vibes. A right mindset also let them use flaks and feedbacks positively.
  3. INNOVATION: Successful entrepreneurs question things that everyone takes for granted. They don’t go with the conventional wisdom and dare to think differently and hence never get stuck in the rut by thinking creatively and taking risks whenever required.
  4. COMMITMENT: The right spirit of entrepreneurship is the commitment towards the business. There are incredible heights and then there are deep lows in every human life. A good entrepreneur understands that and does not give up in difficult times, maintaining consistency all throughout.
  5. WORK-LIFE BALANCE: Maintaining a work-life balance well appears to be the bane of almost every entrepreneur. For dedication at the workplace, it is necessary to have a satisfied personal life which includes family, friends, meditation and pursuing hobbies.
  6. FAILURE: It is been said that failure plays a vital role in everyone’s life, it either makes a person or breaks the person. Success comes to those who take learnings from the gloomy days and with right steps, plan ahead for the brighter days. Failure is seen as a positive learning experience by successful entrepreneurs while it has a certain negative stigma among others

Therefore, Entrepreneurship is not all sunshine and rainbow, it is not just a profession, but a way of life. With their extraordinary locus of control, commendable failure and success stories, staunch perspectives and never give up attitude, in my opinion, successful entrepreneurs totally justify the words of  Steve Jobs “ You can choose to glorify or vilify them, but you can never ignore them.”

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