5 Companies Redefining Business Innovation

With million existing business houses and thousands of new ventures entering the market every day, maintaining one’s position and succeeding in one’s business has become the biggest challenge for companies. Nevertheless, a few companies do stand out and reach new heights. The main ingredient of success for them has been their changing processes or creating more effective processes, products and ideas every now & then, in simple terms, what we call INNOVATION.

In the game of business, few win & few lose. The ones who win, ace the innovation game, understanding that it is the cornerstone of business success.

On that note, here is a list of 5 companies who have redefined Innovation in the most suitable way and are an inspiration to every business owner.

  1. Reliance Jio: The story of Reliance Jio has been the breaking news since quite some time now. This new roll out correctly depicts how essential it is for businesses to create & recreate value for their customers with changing time. Reliance is keeping up its business game by pricing things differently from its competitors and making same amount of money from each user. The reinvention of their business model in the most lucrative fashion sends out a strong message to the business world that in the age where everyone is in search of something new & different, innovation is the ‘secret sauce’ recipe to attract the masses & stay ahead of the competitors.
  2. Facebook– In the age where “today’s install is tomorrow’s delete” is a common phenomenon, Facebook holds its position strong while many entered and took the first exit, Orkut being the biggest example. The changes Facebook has offered to its users ever since its inception is not unknown. Therefore, being able to adapt to the needs of their audience is the mantra Facebook swears by and is paramount to its long-term success.  Hence, that makes it one of the most innovative companies across the globe. 
  3. Apple- Innovation has always been the priority for Apple. The world famous cash-cow comapny illustrates the importance of designing new products around the needs of the user, not the demands of the technology. Apple has consistently combined clever technology with simplicity and ease of use. The craze that it has been successful in developing among everyone globally is the proof how effectively it has used innovation as a secret weapon in the company’s staggering success.
  4. Google- Founded in 1998, Google has gone through some major transformations till now. The world’s number one search engine company well understood the needs of its users and kept modifying and adding new features with Gmail, Google+, AdWords, Chrome, to name a few. With other search engines trying hard to make their place in the industry, Google successfully rolled up its sleeves with necessary value additions to its services periodically.
  5. Ola- It is striking how Ola is redefining urban transportation in India. Providing users with Low cost, convenience & safety, this taxi aggregator has achieved immense success in its process innovations. Everyone’s favorite cab service provider is a ready reckoner comprising some of the most important qualities of innovation with new offers, free rides, ola wallet, shuttle services, etc. as great perks to its users.


Therefore, being on roll with the changing time and being able to offer what your target users are demanding every time is the key to any business’s success in the long run. Hope you find this list useful and can take inspiration from these business giants and head towards the path of success.

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