Reasons Why SMEs Should Adopt Cloud Computing Now!

Cloud computing has become an economic driver in today’s digital age. It has changed the way IT solutions are delivered in large conglomerates as well as in SMEs. According to a study, if more SMEs adopt the latest IT tools in India they could boost revenues by $56 billion and create more than 1.1 million jobs in the country. As per Gartner, by 2021 cloud computing market will exceed $2.1 billion in end-user spending and the growth is likely to be driven by the SME sector.

Here are the reasons why SMEs should adopt cloud computing-

1. It’s simple and cuts down cost– Cloud computing solutions are considered expensive and unaffordable for SMEs. But in actuality, it is cost-effective for cash-strained SMEs to run IT solutions by having an account with a cloud computing service provider. Cloud computing reduces the investment made in hardware and software as these services are rendered by the service provider on pay-per-use basis or subscription basis. It cuts down the operating cost and total cost of ownership drastically by reducing the risk of operation.

Additionally, cloud service providers offer tailored cloud-based solutions for different verticals of SMEs so that they do not have to spend on entire software suite.

2. It secures network– Cloud ensures a well-functioning, developed and secure network, provided there is high-speed internet connectivity. Sophisticated and elevated amounts of security protocol guarantees business and data protection. Therefore, data stored in the cloud is considered to be trustworthy and reliable.

3. Easy Accessibility– Since internet connection is the only requirement for accessing cloud services, it is platform independent, and cloud services can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device- smart phones, desktops, laptops or any other mobility devices.

4. Scalability– Given the dynamic business environment, it is essential that SMEs possess the abilities to adapt quickly to the market changes to remain relevant and competitive. Cloud services are scalable on demand and are priced on a pay-per-use basis. Pay-per-use model means that SMEs pay only for the IT services they avail and  scale up easily by paying for more users and modules as per business needs, without any large-scale investment in software, applications or IT personnel.

5. Maintenance by service providers– Data maintenance and software up gradation are provided by the service provider ensuring that SMEs do not worry about change in software version or installation charges.

Cloud computing solutions, thus, help SMEs in implementing technologies quickly and smoothly so that they can access new markets with better branding, gain competitive advantage and deliver optimal customer experience.

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