We are here to back you, just dream: Women Entrepreneurs

13 percent. Yes only 13 percent women out of the total women population are entrepreneurs today. The number is not that motivating, what do you feel? The question is can it improve? Well, yes definitely. But how? The answer to this is through more awareness. The government of India also feels that women in large numbers need to be encouraged to dream big, because the government wants them to realize those dreams. It is important that they start believing in themselves to be successful businesswomen too. They are there to back the aspiring women entrepreneurs at times of need.

While there are many schemes started by the Indian Government, the sad reality is very less number of women are actually availing the benefits of those schemes due to lack of awareness. Hence, we thought let us educate more and more women about the excellent schemes that can help the aspiring businesswomen to grow their business & take it to new heights.

Scheme by Ministry of MSME

Trade related entrepreneurship assistance and development (TREAD) scheme for women

Credit to Projects – Government Grant up to 30% of the total project cost as appraised by lending institutions which would finance the remaining 70% as loan Assistance to applicant women, who have no easy access to credit from banks.

Training & Counseling- Training organizations viz. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Entrepreneurship Development Institutes, NISIET and the NGOs conducting training programmes for empowerment of women beneficiaries identified under the scheme would be provided a grant upto maximum limit of Rs. 1.00 lakh per programme provided such institutions also bring their share to the extent of minimum 25% of the Government grant.

Schemes of Ministry of Women and Child Development

  • Support to Training and Employment Programme for Women (STEP)

The STEP Scheme aims to provide skills that give employability to women and to provide competencies and skill that enable women to become self-employed/entrepreneurs. The Scheme is intended to benefit women who are in the age group of 16 years and above across the country. The grant under the Scheme is given to an institution/ organisation including NGOs directly and not the States/ UTs. The assistance under STEP Scheme will be available in any sector for imparting skills related to employability and entrepreneurship,

  • Swayam Siddha

Swayam Sidha is an integrated project for the development and empowerment of women. The most important component of the programme is the formulation, implementation and monitoring of block specific composite projects for 4 to 5 years incorporating the following elements:
-Group formation or mobilization activities,
-Community oriented innovative interventions,
Providing loans

Schemes of Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation

  • Self employment loan programmes
  • Educational loan schemes
  • Single women benefit schemes
  • Job oriented training programmes
  • Marketing support for women entrepreneurs
  • Autorickshaw / school van’s driver scheme

Delhi Government’s Stree Shakti Project

Project Stree Shakti is an attempt of the Government of N.C.T. of Delhi to empower women, especially those belonging to the economically weaker section of the society.

Schemes of Delhi Commission for Women (Related to Skill development and training)

Framework for skill development for early school leavers and existing workers, especially in the un-organised sector in close consultation with industry, micro enterprises in the un-organised sector, State Governments, experts and academia which was essential considering their educational, social and economic background.

There are various roles that women fill the shoes in of a mother, a sister, a wife and financial supporter and more. They do not need to prove how efficiently they can support these roles. All they need is a push and the rest is all taken care of.

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