Voice of Advaita

Ritu Kaushik
Owner - Ritupal Collections

My name is Ritu Kaushik. I was born in Rai, a small village in the Sonipat District of Haryana in a middle class family. At the age of 16 yrs. I was married. When I asked my parents about my future studies, they denied. But my husband supported me in undertaking my graduation and helped me get admission in IGNOU.

Along with pursuing my graduation, I used to help my husband in farming until my health deteriorated. Post that I started helping my father-in-law with dairying which we had to close down due to some problems. After keeping myself busy with household chores for a few years, out of boredom, I asked my husband if I can do some job or start a business. He suggested that I should go for online business and the seed was sown.

After an initial confusion about the product which I can sell, I thought of selling handbags which my husband also seconded because of my genuine interest in collecting different types of handbags. I, then, researched about the kind of handbags that were in demand in the market and e-commerce platforms.

I launched my brand under the name of ‘Ritupal Collections’ on Flipkart marketplace. In my first upload on Flipkart, I listed the products from my self-designed collection of handbags. After that my husband and I contacted many manufacturers of handbags and ordered them to make few of the same products. I started my business with a very low investment. The day on which I received my first order, my whole family was really happy and proud of me.

Gradually, as the number of orders started increasing, I got more invested and attentive towards my business. Another problem I encountered was the lack of basic computer knowledge and operating skills. My husband helped me learn the basics of computer through a software called Team-viewer.

Now I’m a gold seller on Flipkart, flex seller on Amazon and have achieved a good position on other e-commerce platforms such as Paytm, Meesho, etc. I earn a net profit of up to 3 lakhs per annum. This success has been possible because of the inspiration and confidence I drew from former PepsiCo Chief Indira Nooyi. I also got motivated from Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawla and other renowned women who worked hard to get success in their lives.  

In the future, I plan to extend my business to every corner of the world. To aspiring women entrepreneur, I would suggest that it is important to have passion and concentration towards what you want to achieve. Perseverance is the key!