Voice of Advaita

Malliekkaa Chatterjjee
Owner – Taste Bazar

My journey of entrepreneurship started in 2011 when I quit my job and thought of doing something better with my life, first by helping myself in the field of business by providing jobs to others and then, by doing something more substantial.
I am running a software development company in the name of Good Cause Technologies in Kolkata for last 7 years, which is actually quite successful and ever growing and has now launched unique food start-up which is first of its kind in India.  7 years of entrepreneurship have been an extremely enriching journey where I have learned the skill of coping up with failures and then how to convert them into success. After a long struggle for 3 years I started creating grounds for myself. I have catered to small, medium, large and very large business sectors.
In August 2017, I thought to come up with a unique concept of Food business. The name of my start up is Taste Bazar where you will get the taste of whole world blended with love and unique culinary skill. Taste Bazar has two sections, one section is for food lovers and the other section is for palliative food section and this is the place why we are unique and first in India. We are essentially a kitchen service that delivers food to the doorstep of patients who are suffering from critical ailments like renal failure, high cholesterol, high lipid profile, Hypo and hyper thyroid, critical heart conditions, fatal diseases like Cancer.
We have observed that our older section of people who are middle class can’t afford to keep cooks and with age they can’t move their limbs properly due to arthritis and many health issues, cooking becomes a real issue for them, and there we come to their rescue with the ideal food delivered to their doorstep.
We have nutritionists and dieticians in our team who monitor the food while it is being cooked, taste it properly and then confirm it.
My venture was launched in Zee TV Bengali Channel, in the most popular cookery show, and my concept was loved by masses and from day 1, I was hit. Not a single day has passed when I didn’t get call from people for food. Currently we are operating in Kolkata, but soon we will spread to whole India, at least that’s the wish and plan.
I come from a small town Durgapur in West Bengal with dreams in my mind and hope in my heart. I did my masters in computer Science application here in Kolkata. While studying here I was attached to rotary club and from there the germ of doing business grew. I wanted to do something big and great in life. But destiny had other plans for me, I got married very early in 2000 and my entire journey of my life started after 2005 when my son was born. He became my inspiration, my motivation to live, execute, accomplish and remain happy in everything that I am doing. He is my teacher in life. My husband is a renowned ENT Surgeon in Calcutta Medical College. He is extremely hardworking and also a motivation for me. I grew watching his hard work and dedication.

I am the only daughter of my parents. I grew up in a very independent manner so I can take risk today and live my life the way I want.


Somebody said:
"It’s ok not to have clarity,
Great things start from confusion"