Sreenidhi Kris

Oscar Murphy Life Strategists Pvt. Ltd.

Sreenidhi employs his signature style – a combination of high energy, a willingness to reinvent and an enviable presence of mind – to impart the most difficult lessons in the most palatable form.

His humorous but hard hitting style has his audiences spellbound and enamoured but more importantly they find themselves making massive changes to their thinking processes and taking greater levels of personal responsibility than ever before.

His experience has been enriched by conducting more than over two thousand sessions covering all ranks and positions of the corporate hierarchy which makes him a preferred choice for various Senior Management and Strategic Development interventions.

What he offers, adds far more long term value to organisations,is his 30 years of experience in the business world as a Life Strategist, Behavioural Master Trainer, Coach, Change Catalyst, Business Owner and Entrepreneur. His key expertise lies in the conducting sessions on Motivation, Leadership, Spirituality, Business Leadership and People Empowerment for cross cultural leadership teams and resonates powerful positive energy while interacting with high profile individuals from across the world..

Over the last 3 decades Sreenidhi has presented his motivational interventions to many of the world’s best known companies and organisations, including Toyota, Daimler, Tesco, Sony, Robert Bosch, Pepsi Co, Volvo, Canon, Biocon, Yokogawa, Religare, Manipal Cure and Care, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, Atlas Copco(India & China), Ingersoll Rand, J K Tyres, Buhler, Titan, Sonata, Kenna Metal, Gebauer & Griller Toshiba, Wipro, Siemens and many more.

Sreenidhi also has to his accolade a series of star motivational workshops funded by and facilitated for the Government of Singapore for the Ministry of Community Development & Sports, Sentosa Island Development Corporation and the Ministry of Education.

He is the most sought-after Motivational Speaker and also a Keynote Speaker offering various life & leadership trainings for both small & large scale organisations. He is popularly coveted with the title of “Guruji” the one who lends direction for seeking souls, instilling the seeds of hope, nourishing them with knowledge and lending wings to a hundred thousand dreams while engraving self belief, passion and a zest for life.
· Trained over 45,000 people from various backgrounds
· Facilitated interventions for over a hundred clients in the
last 20 years
· Partnered with individuals and organisations across 6
countries which include India, Dubai, Malaysia,
Singapore, Nigeria and China to optimise people and
performance results.

Sreenidhi constantly reflects on why self esteem, confidence and motivation play such a huge part in our success and he has been able to transfer this knowledge to the business world to help companies and their people achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.

Personal Quotes
My life purpose is to engrave on minds that self limitation is what holds us back. All we need to do is to raise our own thinking that can create abundance and positive changes in our business and personal life.