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Founder & Global Image Artist – Rich ImageConsultancy & Studio
Director – Twenty 4 Seven 365 Placement Services P. Ltd.
AVP – Learning Events & Alliances – iMET Global

Alumni of : Texas A & M University, Texas, USA (MBA) Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India (Entrepreneurship)

Branding is Important to be Recognized.
Corporate Branding is Indispensable to be Successful.
Personal Branding is Imperative to be Recognized & Successful.

Iza Jameel is an experienced & passionate corporate & individual image, etiquette and communication advisor who assists students, entrepreneurs & seasoned professionals across India in claiming desired success by differentiating themselves (& their companies) from the competition, creating lasting and powerful rich impressions, and exuding confidence and charisma.

A valued motivational speaker her subject of passion lies in appreciating self, corporate success, clothing communication and enjoying entrepreneurship. Iza is a Dale Carnegie certified trainer for public speaking, a Hilton GM Leadership graduate. An exuberant life management coach with an array of international certifications, her concept of HappyBeings has been widely appreciated in the corporate and entrepreneurial world, and the title of ‘Happiness Messenger’ is fast catching up on her. Her approach combines visual learning with practical exposure to create an impactful knowledge experience. Her knowledge of her subject is backed by her education in United States and an enlightening tenure in senior management, with the best of Hospitality industry includingMarriott and Hilton.

She is among the 10k women entrepreneurs felicitated globally by Goldman Sachs and Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and now serves on their panel of speakers.

Her entrepreneurial journey began more than a decade ago in USA, when she started her first venture as a franchise owner of Shell gas stations. Currently, she is spear-heading two successful ventures – Twenty 4 Seven 365 Placement Services Pvt. Ltd. and Rich Image Consultancy and Studio. While Twenty 4 Seven 265 was started with the purpose of helping young individuals with the honest and constructive mentorship in international education, placements and immigration, Iza soon realized the need of professional grooming in today’s India. Iza’s intuitive awareness and her zeal to support individuals in realizing their self-worth and creating a Rich Image for themselves to achieve the desired positioning in their professional and personal lives, led her to build a platform where she could bring together her expertise, willingness to spread happiness, technical & creative aptitude and a learning source for every person. The venture, ‘Rich Image’, started with the vision to create a positive transformation in people’s lives is the one closest to her heart.




»    Corporate Image vs. Personal Image
»    Inner Image Insight
»    Powerful Professional Presence : Balancing Leadership with Creativity
»    Wardrobe Planning : The Capsule Concept
»    Personalizing Happy Work Places
»    Zeroth Impressions: Winning before the Rendezvous
»    Lasting Rich Image: Meeting Expectations
»    Happy Workplaces: Creating Smiles in Depressing Cubicles
»    Rich Entrepreneurs: Enjoying the Journey while Leading the Game
»    Personal Branding: Define. Refine. Promote


You are the face of your company, the brand called Me. Inc.
Your image and behavior significantly affect your brand and therefore your bottom line. Enhancing your personal image gives you the competitive edge. Rich Image brings balance and happiness in the professional and personal lives of your team members.

Define : Refine : Promote a successful corporate image


A comprehensive, fun and interactive workshop focussed to share the art and science of personal enhancement for individuals who seek a balanced and happy life.

Workshops can be designed and delivered as per the target audience whether it is working professionals, entrepreneurs, women professionals, home-makers or bizdivas. The workshops teach participants how to project a confident image befitting a representative of a premium brand. Participants will learn personal branding concepts designed to create a more confident, polished, and powerful presence. Focus on a combination of key-note topics is designed that contributes to professional and personal progression, including: rich life philosophy, discovering happiness, corporate dressing, demeanor, fashion vs. style, emotional intelligence, business etiquette, personalizing workstations and creating ‘happy workplaces out of depressing cubicles’.


»   ‘Why Image Matters’ & how it effects the way people perceive you.
»   Psychology of Inner Image: Communcating Values in Visuals.
»   Power Dressing for Global Markets: International & Indian Standards.
»   Rich Citizens: Enhance your Etiquette and Civility Skills.
»   Zeroth & Lasting Image: Online & Offline Reputation Management.
»   Enjoying Entrepreneurship: The Winner’s Toolkit.
»   Happy Feet Leaders: Living and Inspiring Happy Workplaces.
»   Living a Rich Life: Connecting with your Passion & Achieving Balance.