Dr. Khushbu Pandya

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Masters & Bachelors in Management discipline | Ph.D. in Social Media | Founder of Konvophilia Communications | Experience in Industry & Academics | Author | Speaker | Trainer and Consultant, helping businesses and individuals to communicate on new media through creative ways and create their own ripples of influence.

Full Bio:
Dr. Khushbu Pandya is a Doctorate in Social Media, an Author, Speaker, Trainer, Entrepreneur, Consultant, and a very creative person at heart. She belongs to a Brahmin family, based in Gujarat (India) and loves to do everything that is creative. A trained classical vocal singer, plays sitar, and loves music.

Soon after finishing M.B.A., at the start of her career with an MNC, she got the chance to study relationships between consumers and the Brand. This enabled her to develop a skill in understanding consumer behaviour, how to foster new relations, build & maintaining existing ones, retain them and convert them into loyal customers.

The chance to work as an academician gave a new direction to her career path. The skill developed in her previous work, integrating it with social media, she attained expertise in understanding consumer’s behaviour on social media platforms through her research for Ph.D. Her interest in social media field started long back in 2007 when she joined Facebook and realized the “Power of Relationships.”

She started her Facebook Page named Konvophilia (before) to share her expertise and views on social media, business and customer relations, online marketing etc. Eventually the same was developed as a start-up called Konvophilia Communications in 2012, offering creative social media solutions to businesses and individuals and helping them to create their own ripples of influence.

She has written and published research papers, presented papers at conferences and seminars, conducted workshops and generously helped small businesses with her valuable social media consulting. She also gives workshops and seminars at various colleges and events like – Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications, Bangalore; AIESEC Youth to Business Forum, etc. Recently, she authored a book “WEAVE Model: Global Strategy for Weaving Social Media into Your Business”. The book displays a framework, which she has developed to help businesses use social media strategically into their business functions (More information on the book can be availed at www.weavemodel.com).

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SAM Global Youth Talk – http://samglobal.org/videos/khushbu-pandya/
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