The Second Gear

Author of the Book ” The Second Gear”.

Industries Worked : Business Mentoring, Professional Career Growth Mentoring, IT Software Services, IT Products & Solution and Market Research.
Industries served: Sectors of B2C – Retails like construction materials, pharmacy, auto-parts, personal care, New generation IT/Non IT services, Embedded systems, Semicon, Manufacturing.
Markets handled: India, Semi urban India, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore.

Vision: ” To empower the needy in developing practical management concepts for growth by themselves”

Mission: “To make the SecondGearMBAforNon MBA s practical management concepts to the needy”

Conducted 500 workshops, 650 one-on-one business mentoring & 5000 One-One business counseling sessions. Mentored 50 Intrapreneurs for their professional growth in their organizations.

Created around 500 people strong second gear community to promote business networking. Created Second gear MBA for Non MBA’s brand. Hosted 200 Business Guru talk show on FM Rainbow in Bangalore.