Ashwin Srivastava

Great Manager Institute

Ashwin is a successful serial entrepreneur who started his first company in his hostel room with zero money in pocket, thus proving that money is not a needed criteria for becoming an entrepreneur. He took that company to successful exit and has henceforth helped build many internationally well-known brands.
He is primarily known for implementing unique and ingenious business strategies, and is known as a change management leader who can help start-ups become more efficient and corporate-like while maintaining the start-up growth spirit.

Incept was started by Ashwin Srivastava and Hariom Sharma in August 2010. Hariom .Founded in 2010, Incept faced a lot of hurdles in its starting due to red-tape in India.
Ashwin is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B), and has been an entrepreneur with focus on serving SMEs, and is now a mentor and consultant to various start-ups and new businesses.