5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks:-

Digital transformation has brought businesses at the crossroads of the need to constantly innovate and to ward off the lingering cyber threats. Cyber criminals exploit the digital weaknesses of the small businesses to hack their websites and to steal sensitive information. Easy and Simple Step for Protect your Business for Cyber Attracks

The ability of the businesses to email safely, transact smoothly, store data and to operate a website is crucial for their success and long-term growth. Thus, it is imperative for them to do all they can to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. Here are five ways to help you prevent cyber-attacks and secure your online world-

1. Implement an Effective Cyber Policy- Employees are often the weakest link in the chain of cyber security protocols. A cyber culture must be instilled that permeates through every aspect of the organisation and wherein employees are trained to be vigilant, to use the technology safely and to combat cyber-attacks.

Businesses can do so by ensuring that all passwords are a mix of alphabets, numerals and special characters, by allowing only company computers and telephones to be connected to the WiFi and by prohibiting employees from opening emails and links unrelated to the business.

2. Lock your Network- Companies must ensure that the WiFi they use is upgraded to the latest WPA2 standard. This version has a longer encryption key than the previous standards, which ensures better and robust protection to the networks and is harder to crack. Further, WiFi must be protected by an extremely strong password that is between 10-13 characters and is a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special symbols.

You can also increase the protection of your network against external threats by using firewalls, proxies, data encryption and access lists.

3. Encrypt your Data– Data encryption is the process of using a software to create another set of passwords for accessing your data. Encrypting your data is vital because even if the hacker is able to break into your IT infrastructure, he will still need another password to obtain your data.

Sensitive data and information, like social security numbers of employees, bank routing numbers and credit card accounts, must be encrypted before being saved to the company servers or being uploaded to the cloud so that they can be accessed only by authorised users.

4. Install Anti-malware Software– Malware is a malicious software engineered to damage, disrupt or to gain unauthorised access to a computer system. These can take the form of viruses, Trojan horses, ransom ware, spyware, worms, etc. They can be transmitted through WiFi or pushed through spam emails and harmful websites.

Installing an anti-malware software protects your computer from online threats. Further, complementing it with anti-virus software that protects against specific viruses adds an extra layer of protection to your systems in case you accidentally get into something suspicious.

5. Secure your Physical IT Infrastructure– Cyber threats are not just present online. They can be introduced by your employees inadvertently or by a third party contractor. It is important to restrict the staff and third party access to IT infrastructure, systems and data to the bare minimum. Restricting the use of removable devices such as USB drives, CDs, DVDs, hard drives and memory cards is also recommended.

In addition to the aforementioned, you can also hire the services for Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks expert to keep yourself updated with the latest threats and to ensure that your cyber protection evolves and scales in tandem with escalating cyber-crimes. In a world where cyber criminals are always one step ahead, our perfect defence would be to fortify our networks to the best of our ability.

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