8 Reasons to Love Being an Entrepreneur

Many of us harbour dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and making headlines in the business world but only a fistful of us are risk-loving and bold enough to invest time, dedication and energy that it demands.

Keeping aside all the hassles involved in managing operations, employees and finances of a business, here are 8 reasons why entrepreneurs love being so-

  1. Legacy that lives on– For entrepreneurs, their venture is a growing and living entity. One that will go on to scale new heights, outlive its founder and become a legacy. They become an example for other aspiring entrepreneurs and the feeling of fulfilment as a result of boundless appreciation is unmatched.
  2. Be your own boss- Entrepreneurs relish the freedom of action and the independence to make you’re their own decisions. There is no superior to report to or take orders from. Entrepreneurs are in complete charge of their thoughts, plans, strategies, actions, finances and potential.
  3. Work at your own pace- Entrepreneurs can have complete command over their schedule. They do not have to struggle to keep up with their work schedule or work under pressure. They can flexible work schedule in accordance with the requirements of their businesses.
  4. Transform dreams into reality- Dreams, plans and actions of entrepreneurs are no longer abstract entities. Entrepreneurs command the opportunity to enliven their dreams given they have the wherewithal to invest in necessary resources, willingness to take risk, learn from mistakes and acquire knowledge.
  5. Step up innovation quotient- Entrepreneurs face myriad business challenges like charting out strategies, bringing in investment, tackling competition and driving revenues. While resolving these challenges, entrepreneurs become adept in finding solutions and acquire the potential to innovate and grow.
  6. Exchange Ideas– Entrepreneurs get immense opportunities to travel and exchange ideas and experiences with their peers. Networking and conferencing with other entrepreneurs is a great way of learning and improving businesses.
  7. Personal improvement– Entrepreneurship is synonymous with experimental learning. Competition constantly drives entrepreneurs to improve their skills and strategies to remain competitive in the market.
  8. Take command of your life– Entrepreneurs have enough leeway to design their life the way they have always dreamt of. They have the liberty to influence the lives of others, create unique consumer-oriented products and shape their venture in line with their personal values.

Even after all these perks, being an entrepreneur is no mean task, it means donning several hats and playing multiple roles. It is about choosing what you would do with your money with a caveat that you should always be in a position to command it rather than letting it command you.

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