SME RoadShow


India’s largest Road show for SMEs and Entrepreneurs.

What is it?

Start-Manage-Expand is the flagship event of SMBConnect which works with the vision to support small and medium enterprises of India by building a large networking and knowledge sharing platform with the finest speakers and large pool of SME attendees across nation.

This is the 4th season of the event which will be focusing on “Digitizing SMEs in the GST Era”. The event will address around 30,000 SMEs in 30 cities with information and discussion on effective strategies on unlocking long -term growth for the businesses.

Finest mentors, speakers and Business gurus will be conducting the conferences and discussions and bring clarity and solutions to the attendees.

Who is it for?

  • Top Management: CEOs, Directors and CMDs
  • Financial Decision Makers: GM, CFO, etc.
  • Users and Influencers like manufacturing Heads.
  • Companies with turnover between 25-75 Cr
  • Manufacturing Companies, Export-Import Organizations, Pharmaceutical, Logistics and Transportation Companies, IT Companies.

Why should you go for it?

  • Meeting the industry experts is a fantastic way for your organization to make useful contacts, learn industry tricks, maximize resource utilization, to increase profits and do away with losses.
  • Meeting leading SMB entrepreneurs.
  • Opportunity for lead generation.
  • Networking opportunities with SMB heads.
  • Build strong relationships with government and industry bodies.
  • Be part of an event that gets an extensive media coverage.

Above 150 pieces of coverage in regional and local newspapers. Above 127 media representatives from 30 cities… and much more.

Let’s get ready to Start-Manage-Expand your business     

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SMB Connect is India’s largest integrated solution platform which links small and medium sized enterprises and entrepreneurs across the nation. Our mission is to build supportive communities by using effective solutions to connect with customers, providing advisory solutions, leveraging training programs and sharing the experiences of other businesses, so that SMBs can overcome all odds and succeed. Because we believe, Small Can Be Big!

We work on three fundamental principles- Connect, Knowledge and Growth to empower SMEs and to act as catalyst in their development process.
Small and medium enterprises in India & Small business Services are in full swing.  SMBConnect provides India’s largest integrated solution platform which links SME company, Business advisory services and entrepreneurs.

Grow your small and micro enterprises & small business services in India with the help of business services and startup events. Learn to focus on creative small business ideas and Solution by analyzing roadmap of successful entrepreneurs in India and also enhance entrepreneurship development skills with large amount of educate small and medium enterprises & small business in india.