The will is not enough you need ways too

If you are a farmer and you grow excellent quality mangoes, what all do you think you can do with your mangoes? You may use some for your own consumption, you may sell some in the nearby market, forced to sell it off at a price similar to your competitors even if your mangoes may be superior in quality from the others. What happens as a result of this? You make less profit. All because you did not know alternative ways to sell your mangoes.

Now consider a scenario where you are successful in establishing a tie-up with a fruit drink manufacturing company because of the excellent quality of your mangoes. They like the quality of your mangoes so much that they even pay you thrice the money you made by selling per kilogram of it locally. To add to this they even help you with new methods and technical advice on how to increase your supply and earn more. Would this not be a great deal for you???

Now let me share another example, a shoemaker years ago made excellent shoes, these were hand-stitched with fine quality leather. He, of course, had competitors who were equally efficient and were producing similar quality shoes. In some time, the competition grew tight and his competitors compromised on the quality to stay in the market and made better profits but that shoemaker held tight to the quality of his shoes for the passion he carried in his heart for his craft. As a result, he went into losses and his competitors considered him to be a fool. But someone influential noticed the quality of his work and ended up backing his work, turning him into an overnight star.

The basic idea is that knowledge of your product or service is a pre-requisite but knowing the market dynamics, and how and where to sell your product is of utmost importance to succeed in a competitive world like today. Your success depends on how well aware you are of your industry norms and the key innovations and technological changes happening in the domain in order to derive the maximum benefits. Lack of knowledge about all these elements poses several challenges which prove to be the obstacles in one’s business growth.

It is very reasonable for you to think that it cannot be done single-handedly and one needs to be in the right circle to keep the ball rolling all the time. We bring to you the platform SMBConnect which connects small & medium sized enterprises as well as entrepreneurs across the nation. The motto being propelling small business from the status of small to that big they have always dreamt of. Hence, it is the time to dream big, explore, connect and grow together in order to turn small into something big.

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We work on three fundamental principles- Connect, Knowledge and Growth to empower SMEs and to act as catalyst in their development process.
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