The famous phrase “Employees are the real asset of the company” has become an overused statement now, everyone understands it yet seldom do they practice what they preach. For the desire to stay on top of the business world, many companies get too busy dealing with the technicalities of Marketing, Finance, Sales et cetera that they forget their most important resource i.e. their Employees.

An effective employee management is indispensable for success but apparently it is also a very critical domain since dealing with human beings mean dealing with different emotions and emotions need delicate handling. Right from choosing the best candidates to ensuring that the best candidate remains best and retains in the company for long, it requires patience, diligent efforts and right strategies at the most appropriate time by the management.

Apparently many times organization commit these recruiting fallacies

  • Selecting a candidate in hurry to fill the vacant post
  • Not doing proper background & references check
  • Not checking if the goal of the candidate and the goal of the company align in the same direction
  • Not checking if the candidate is fit for your work culture

Recruitment is not an easy play, but a little slip up on this and you set your company to pay a heavy cost in future. So have a keen eye on details, take time, interrogate well and make sure you choose the best talent, best suited for your organization.

The second most crucial step post hiring becomes ensuring that the newly selected candidates understand your organization and its goals and are motivated enough to bring out the best in themselves. But it is also a truism that many employees who are assets in the beginning, start turning into liabilities with the passage of time. Few of the reasons being:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Unfavorable work culture
  • Hostile co-workers
  • Exploitative policies
  • No transparency
  • No decision-making power
  • Unsupportive management

The repercussions follows with

  • Poor performance
  • High rate of absenteeism
  • More number of resignations
  • Exceeding the deadlines
  • Lesser involvement in the company

Sure, things do go wrong sometimes in every organization but they hamper the most when left unattended. Acting upon them as soon as it gets in notice is the best thing you can do to make sure your company is well oiled. Some of the best measures to ensure your employees stay and work with enthusiasm, determination and diligence include:

  • Motivating the employees with showing them the larger picture i.e. the perks of working with your organization and the long term benefits for enhancing their career. It is considered that the Motivation is the most powerful emotion for employees.
  • Recognizing the work of the employees who do deliver good performance. This does not only boost them to work even better but also encourage others to pep up their performances with the temptation to get the recognition
  • Training, which is not just meant for new employees, it boosts up the morale, the satisfaction level and offers new spirit to the existing employees to work with new zeal and deliver outstanding performance. While honing their skills further, training also shows that the management cares for them.
  • Favorable Work Conditions ensures that the employees work with a positive mindset in an amicable fashion with their colleagues and the work flows smoothly in the organization.

If you take care of your employees, they will take care of you and your entire organization. 
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