Remembering the Forgotten: Business Etiquettes Which Must Not Be Ignored

To establish oneself in the world, one does all one can to seem established already.

– Franco’s de la Rochefoucauld


Let’s look at a simple example before we proceed. A client has a big project with him and has two options to hand it over to, Company A & Company B (both at the same level of competence). In the meeting, company A arrives on time, sharply dressed, with a gentle smile on face and shakes hand with confidence to the client and pays attention to all the details in the meeting. While Company B takes forever to arrive with no courtesy to apologize, shabbily dressed and keeps fiddling with the phone during the meeting.

Now, is it a tough question to answer whom the client is going to hand over the project to?  Company A wins the race without a doubt. Well, that’s a power of business etiquettes. 

Nevertheless, in the world of business where we all are so heavily occupied with playing the big games of Finance, Marketing, Management, HR et cetera that we tend to ignore the small yet significant things like these.

Let’s look at a few business etiquettes we must adopt and the remarkable difference they can bring.

  1. Netiquettes. In the digital age where more than 50% of the conversations happen over emails, online communication represent business. A message full of misspellings and grammatical errors will convey your work is equally sloppy. Whereas good netiquettes will help in your personal as well as business brand building and urge people to take you seriously.
  2. Handshakes. A well timed, confident handshake is a sure way to stand out. Make sure you make a good lasting impact on your clients and customers with a perfect handshake teamed up with a smile.
  3. Cell Phone Etiquettes. We understand cell phones are extremely important today with so many emails and important calls always lined up. But nothing is more disrespectful than giving your cell phone more attention than the person in front of you. Respect them and avoid using phones as far as possible.
  4. Power of Please & Thank You. Politeness counts when communicating in business settings. One must not hesitate when it comes to showing respect & gratitude whenever necessary. A simple thank you and please will help you make good relationships with your clients, customers and colleagues. Don’t underestimate them.
  5. Watch Your Language. The kind of language you use defines your personality, especially in business settings. Always choose your words wisely and avoid use derogatory lines/ slangs at any cost.  A well- honed language can be a catalyst in getting you many deals and loyal customers. Great leaders know how to say what they mean and win at every situation. After all, words have power to change the world. Use them in your advantage.
  6. Punctuality. Showing up on time means you are serious for the work as well as value other’s time. Being late is considered to be inconsiderate and careless. Do not take it lightly.  
  7. Follow Up Appropriately. How you follow up with your clients and customers will set the tone for your future relationships with them. Be prompt, polite and aim to provide the best after service in the most professional way without any delays.
  8. Diplomacy. Ravenwerks, an organization for global ethics, etiquette and effectiveness, says to always be diplomatic when engaged in a business conversation, even if you disagree with what others are saying. Apologize if you step on other peoples’ toes, but do not be afraid to hold true to your convictions. That explains the importance of Diplomacy.
  9. Meeting Etiquettes. How you conduct yourself in front of others is extremely crucial in the domain of business, especially in meetings where you are put yourself in front of people you don’t interact with frequently. Giving full attention means you are serious for the work and in return people will take you seriously. Therefore, meeting etiquettes are extremely important if you want to grow professionally.
  10. Dressing Etiquettes. You must have heard the famous saying “Your clothes should mean business”. A number of psychological studies also suggest that dressing for success often leads to success. You must have heard “dress for the job you want, not the one you have” which signifies the importance of dressing at work. In short, dressing well can influence people around you positively and pave way for your success.

As they say, the devil is in the details. So, do not consider business etiquettes as a thing of yesteryear and give them considerate attention. It has the capability of shaping your present as well as your future.

Etiquette is the science of living. It embraces everything. It is ethics. It is honor.

-Emily Post

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