Whether for a new start up or for the operations of a running business, raising finance is imperative for the growth of any organization. Unfortunately, it is a stark truth that raising financial aid traditionally has been quite difficult for small & medium enterprises in India. The recession & the credit crunch has made this process even troublesome.  A study asserted that small and medium enterprises face problems in securing finance compared with larger, established companies

But gladly, the times are finally changing for the Indian SMEs since a lot new start-ups have come into the market to ease the facilitation of finance for small businesses. Besides offering wide array of financial products to SMEs, these start- ups also ensure easy facilitation of credit to the small & medium enterprises making the entire process much faster & smoother.

Below is a list of a few start- ups working towards this goal. It might just help you raise your next finance hassle-free.

  1. Rubique– A start- up founded in the year 2014 is one of the largest online marketplaces for financial products making consumption and distribution of loans and credit cards simple for consumers and business associates.  Their objective is to make consumption & distribution of loans & credit cards to associates. Their unique matchmaking algorithm searches the lending systems of 50+ financial institutions to provide our consumers with the best deals in the quickest possible time.

With the recent tie-up of Rubique with National small industries corporation, SMEs can be benefitted in even better ways of securing finance.

  1. Indifi Technologies– Indifi technologies provides loan to small & medium enterprises between 1 lac to 50 lacs. It is an effective platform functioning through 3 simple steps which includes online submission of documents followed by finding the best lender suitable for the business and the credit of loan straight into the account. The entire process takes no more than 5 working days which make indifi best suited for securing funds.
  2. Hero FinCorp– Hero FinCorp is a one stop solution providing customized SME & commercial loans to small & medium enterprises. Few of the special features of FinCorp includes quick & hassle free approvals, low interest rates, easy documentation, flexible repayment tenure, prompt customer service, etc. making it idle for small & medium enterprises loan.
  3. LendingKart– LendingKart is a fin-tech startup in the working capital space. The Company has developed technology tools based on big data analysis which facilitates lenders to evaluate borrower’s credit worthiness and provides other related services. It is a boon to the SME world with paper & collateral free finance and fair interest rate especially designed for SMEs. Understanding the need of the hour, LendingKart makes raising finance easy with just 3 days disbursal time.
  4. SMEcorner– SMEcorner is an online marketplace enabling small & medium enterprises competitive offers for unsecured business loan. They provide loan up to 1 Crore without any collateral or security. The entire process is free for the borrowers which make it idle for SME loans.

The next time your business faces challenges in securing finance for the next big project, do consider these start-ups for quick and worthy help. 

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