Indore.. The HUB of SME Development

If Madhya Pradesh is the heart of India, Indore is the heart of Madhya Pradesh. Not only capital of the state, Indore is the place for all important businesses of western Madhya Pradesh. The city has also over the last decade, developed technology and infrastructure in a way that it has reached the threshold of becoming a software city. It is a compact and organized cosmopolitan city. 

There is huge investments on both national and international levels in many of the projects ongoing in the city. There are also a lot of ongoing efforts to attract investors to a city that is developing by the day. For a small or mid-level business, amenities that come along with the development, are sure to be contributing factors in running a business smoothly.

There is a civic and industrial environment and infrastructure that has led to many business set ups by international companies. Among key industries, there are soya, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, plastic and packaging industries. Another plus point is the easy connectivity of the city to every part of India. There is a varied option of rail, road and air transports available that are fast, efficient and cost effective, from logistics’ point of view.

Indore also boasts of some of the most prestigious educational institutions like IIT, IIM, SVITS, IES and SGS Institute of Technology & Science, ensuring that there is educated and skilled manpower ready within the state. Approximately 1 lakh students graduate from these various institutes annually, a large number of it is from technological background. This technically literate manpower is another practical convenience of the city.

Airtel, TATA, BSNL, Birla AT&T and Reliance ensures international standard of telecommunication, making it easy for small and big businesses alike to set up a base here. Indore is also competent to be the hardware hub and logistic center of India because of the easy transportation facilitating distribution of goods.

In so many ways, Indore matches the conveniences of a metropolitan city while not being enmeshed in problems like unaffordable expensive real estate, pollution and traffic congestion. There is little doubt that in the coming days, businesses that start with small capital, will find the place viable and work friendly.