The secrets of succeeding in the business world

Khusbhu Pandya
Founder- Konvophilla Communications

We all believe that Facebook has become the most loved, admired and respected organization of our times today. Mark Zuckerberg in his interviews have stated many times that he was 17 when he started Facebook and was totally unaware of all the business nuances. Until, you don't try yourself, you can’t succeed. Here, I have tried to pen down my own learnings in life that have earned me success.

  1. Hug your mistakes & failures: There is no other teacher than your own mistakes and failures. Do not fear them or run away from them. Hug them as your best friends and learn what went wrong, what would have been done right and how can you re-start. Evaluating and learning from the mistakes is the foundation of a successful journey ahead.
  2. Focus: It is very important to have a constant concentration towards your dream and passion. You dream it and dream big, but if you lose focus, your dream won't come to fruition.
  3. Listen: Observe and listen to your critics, your team, customers and everyone around you. They will feed you with inputs that can be important for growth. Again, curated listening is important. Not everything that you listen matters. So decide who and what is important to your business growth and act accordingly.
  4. Ask: Ask questions and network with people. Do not feel ashamed or left behind if you don’t know something. You only grow if you make informed decisions for yourself and for your team. So just be a learner and ask questions to your stakeholders.
  5. Be patient: Success do not come over night. One has to keep going consistently. Start with setting short term goals to reach towards your bigger goals. Let people doubt and judge you, but never ever quit, because you can and you will. 
  6. Be gutsy: Its this one difference that sets apart entrepreneurs from others. They take risks and follow their guts. Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid of little trial and error.
  7. Organise: Organising your work and goals is extremely important. Whether it’s about organising your home or desk or creating to-do lists. Set systems and planned work gains you clarity in your goals and keeps you focused. Women are usually more organised and loves to work in an organised work culture. It’s in her DNA. 

These are my top 7 success tips for women entrepreneurs. Women in business may have faced many societal challenges and biases but these biases and challenges are fading these days as we see more women take charge and are powerful in all areas of endeavour.