December is a time of reflection.  Looking back at 2018, the year has definitely been a year of growth and transition for SMBConnect. Over the past 12 months, we have looked internally, meticulously discerning
what we do best, what we are passionate about and more importantly, what India needs the

Our priority is and continues to be about creating value for our members and contributing substantially to the Indian SME ecosystem. In addition to expanding our reach within all facets of the SME industry, in 2018 the recognition that women in India have broken the barriers of social compliance by venturing beyond their domestic walls and have progressively put their footsteps on par with men in the business arena led to the genesis of ‘Advaita- celebrating entrepreneurial spirit of women’. Advaita is an umbrella initiative of SMBConnect focussing solely on Indian women entrepreneurs.

We organised the maiden Advaita- women entrepreneur awards ceremony on 25th October, 2018 in Jaipur which received tremendous appreciation from people of all walks of life. The admiration ignited a new spark in us to pursue our cause with renewed enthusiasm, following which we have already laid down the roadmap for organising Advaita awards in Punjab, ..

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Ask Guru
How to deal with stress as an entrepreneur?
Rohit Sardana
Co-Founder, Incubate IND
Entrepreneurship is a marathon where you are also expected to make sprint runs more often than not. Entrepreneurs are typically the super heroes who are chasing revenues, investments, meeting deadlines, managing talent while building organizations operationally and putting systems in place and more. Phew.....
Problems Faced by Small and Medium Healthcare Startups
Prof Dr. Sachin Dev Sachdeva
Dean, Delhi Institute of Healthcare and Research, Govt. of NCT of Delhi
Stating a new small and medium scale firm is a big task in itself & when that firm is a healthcare centre the challenges are already added. There is a significant progress made by the healthcare centres in India in attribute to the combination of both public and private sector.
Mentors’ Mantra
Role of SMEs in healthcare segment in India
Sahil Trivedi
Clinical Psychologist

The health sector absorbs large amounts of labour, commodities and research and thus creates incomes, which in turn flow back into the economic cycle of our country, regions and the overall economy. SMEs are the main origins of innovation in the health sector, and are catalysts of growth and competitiveness.

Archana Jain

Owner and Nutritionist - Angel Care Wellness Centre

When I was in school, I always used to say "Bade hokar teacher Banoongi" I was passionate about studies but also love to do sports dance, music guiding, NCC, Red Cross social service through leoclub etc. etc., I mean I was interested in everything that is happening around me.
SME Focus
RBI proposes new method to benchmark floating rate of loans for MSMEs
Setting out various developmental and regulatory policy measures for strengthening regulation and supervision; the Reserve Bank of India on Wednesday said there will be a new external benchmarking of Floating..
How IL&FS fiasco & NPA crisis have created a severe credit squeeze for MSMEs
The story of imitation jewellery retail chain Son Roopam should have been part of a narrative on entrepreneurship. But it has instead become one on loans — the lack of it, to be precise. Run by three young men, barely 30 years old....
Working on ways to help Indian firms become global giants: Niti Aayog VC Rajiv Kumar
The Niti Aayog is exploring ways to encourage more domestic companies to be among the top multinational corporations in the world, the think-tank's Vice-Chairman Rajiv Kumar has said.

Digital lending to MSMEs poised for major growth in India: Omidyar-BCG report
Omidyar Network, the impact investing firm established by Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay, and BCG released a study on how digital lending to MSMEs in India have the potential to disrupt the status quo in financial services.

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