My heartfelt wishes to all Indians for the 72nd Independence Day. To be an Indian is much more than about place we call home. It’s a deeply felt commitment to the higher principles of liberty, equality and fraternity and to the duties entrusted on us as citizens. Fundamental duties enshrined in the constitution require us to develop scientific temper and to strive for excellence in all sphere of individual and collective activity.
India is making conscious efforts to achieve the goal of economic supremacy and we, at SMBConnect, have pledged to contribute earnestly by providing a networking, resource sharing and knowledge dissemination platform to SME owners and entrepreneurs across India. To further our aim, we have themed Start Manage Expand Season 5, slated to begin from September, on Blueprint for Digital Economy to help SMEs become the launch pads of digital transformation. The season will cover cities across India with digital frontrunners, industry experts and entrepreneurs sharing essential business know-how on the theme.

Digital revolution is poised to usher in a new system of economy. By 2020, the probability of success of SMEs will depend on their ability to create digitally-enhanced products, services, and experiences. The expansion of digital transformation at a macroeconomic scale signals a new digital economy.

Technology is changing the way we work and ‘disrupt or be disrupted’ is becoming the new normal! SMEs are jockeying for position in the new digital economy.

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Mentors’ Mantra
Why Are Millennials so Desirable For SMEs?
Lain McMath
CEO, Sodexo Exchange
Small business owners’ buying patterns have consistently shown a preference among millennial for patronizing small businesses, as compared with other generations. This generation has made it clear that why millennial are so desirable in small businesses.
The Women who Resurrected Blue Pottery
Leela Bordia
Founder- Neerja International
A lively and vibrant persona exemplified – that is what Leela Bordia is all about. One can see the magnitude, grace and fortitude instilled in this powerhouse of a lady who has strived all her life for the upliftment and betterment of her fellow countrymen and has been accredited with reinstating the glory and stature of Blue Pottery - this once upon a time nearly extinct and dying craft form.
Ask Guru
Learn how OOFFRR is giving food industry giants like Zomato and Swiggy tough competition with its distinctive marketing strategy
Pradeep Shukla
Founder- OOFFRR
• Brief us about your business model?
It’s an old saying “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”,
so true in our context. There had been ...
Tips to Attract and Retain Millennial Talent in SMEs
Deeksha Shivhare
Sr. Executive DigiCom - Content
Millennials, often hailed as the true digital native generation, are breathing new life into the workforce and technology is the enabler at the heart of this workplace revolution. As Millennials are seemingly favouring SMEs over corporates, it is the prerogative of SME owners to embrace new technology.
Industry Focus
47 dividend-paying companies clock 45% returns on SME platform
Dividend givers seem to be outperforming the others on the SME platform: On the Main Board, however, growth companies typically do just the opposite, outrunning dividend payers.
MSMEs to be decided based on turnover; Bill introduced in Lok Sabha
A bill specifying the turnover of a business entity which would classify it as a micro, small or medium enterprise, was introduced by the government in the Lok Sabha on Monday.
At a nascent stage, SMEs form the key base for growth in digital services
India’s is one of the largest economies in the world today, and it is at the brink of a digital transformation. The country, in recent times, has emerged as

We have grown strongly in SMEs, in commercial and rural lending:
S Sreenivasan, Bajaj Finserv

In general insurance business, we have grown 23% on gross premium and in life insurance, our gross premium has grown by 18%, S Sreenivasan, CFO,

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