Mentors’ Mantra
“Let us not ignore the need of ethics in the business because the ethical approach of the business reflects the amount of hard work put forward by the employees.”, says
Bhautik Sheth, Founder, iVIPNAN, in
Ethics And Business Are Two Sides Of One Coin In Digital Era
Made in India-Voice of SMEs
Treading new shores, this young entrepreneur believes in the famous advertising adage - KEEP WALKING
In conversation with Rajneesh Singh, Managing Partner, SimplyHR Solutions LLP, on the most asked questions regarding ethics in the domain of business
1 What makes you an ethical leader?
  Some traits in people that always inspire are their simplicity, their being grounded, their being sensitive, their being empathetic, their being credible and their being genuine. Those for me sum up the ethics in a leader or for that matter, any human being
2 How do you recognise an ethical business?
  A business that's built and conducted around the true intent of its inception and one which serves the interests of each of its stakeholder with no intention of malaise,  will always be respected and admired. 
3 What exactly is your moral compass?
  For me truth and mutual respect is of paramount importance. I search for the good in each person I get to meet and I build the relationship around that.
4 How do you make your employees behave ethically?
  Ethics has to be developed by leading by example. Each act of a leader has to be in sync with the values of the organization. Accordingly, the related behaviours demonstrated on a daily basis paves the path for ethics building up in the company. Ethics has to be non-negotiable and there should be zero tolerance for any deviation. 
A Spark Ignited- An Entrepreneur Emerged
By: Mahalakshmi Sarvanan

How does a simple girl from a small remote village develop wings and wander
over the entrepreneurship umbrella?

T3 - Tips, Tricks and Techniques
Wondering how to improve your cash flow to run and grow your small business efficiently? Follow these tips to optimise cash flow easily
» Seasonal loans for Seasonal Business
  If seasonal shift in the cash flow is what hampers your growth, opt for season business loans/credits to keep the functioning of your business going even when there is a dip in the sales.
» Loan Top-Ups
  A loan already taken isn’t a reason for you to not think about another one. A loan-top-up with the existing lender for optimising your cash flow can scale your business.
» Focus on Collection of Receivables
Not keeping a tap on receivables can make you lag behind drastically, which affect the cash when sales can will slow down. So, collect receivables on time so that your cash conversion cycle doesn’t get affected.
Issue 4 - Volume 9 | November 2017
From the Director's Desk
Sandipan Ray, Editor, SMB Connect  

A structurally resilient organisation grows to its robustness through observing the business ethics closely, in all the spheres of management. The digital business era has blurred the boundaries between technology and business and this has brought the discussion on digital ethics to the forefront.

The ever growing scandals and societal debate around ethical consequences of use of digital technology requires CIOs, senior IT professionals, boards, risk officers and investors to pay close attention to digital ethics as part of digital business.

We are revamping our newsletter, making it valuably enriching by getting the experts from industry for adding more significance to what you read. For a broader understanding on “ethics in ever-digitising world”, we have Mr. Bhautik Sheth, Founder, iVIPANAN Digital Marketing and Management Services, sharing his expertise in “Mentor’s Mantra” section. The era of entrepreneurship is seeing a powerhouse of breakthroughs by women, displaying the grandeur of talent. Tributing to the examples, women entrepreneurs are setting, we have dedicated a section showcasing their talent in our “Womenpreneurs” which is being graced by Mahalakshmi Saravanan, Founder, Women Entrepreneur India. Adding to the plethora of erudition, Rajneesh Singh, Managing Partner, Simply HR Solutions answered some of the most asked question on “ethics in business” streamlining our understanding. An unsung story, inspiring the hundreds in the league of building a prominent organisations shared by Vineet Karwal, Founder, Brand Bazooka in “Made In India” section.

We are definitely in an age of experimentation where individuals, laws and technology are tested and negotiated on a daily basis paving the way into an ethical technological future. With these insights I am sure that policymakers and businesses   today are revisiting cultural values and moral systems and framing a new ethical framework for the digital age.

 In an ever changing course of market we must keep ourselves abreast with the day to day changes taking place in the in and around our organisation. Thus, we are bringing you the best of stories, insights and facts related to the latest market’s trends.  
With this we welcome you all to send us across your ideas, stories with respect to our theme for building a strong value for each other. 

Once again, we are immensely appreciative of your significant feedbacks each month. Keeping the positive practice intact, your valuable comments are most welcome on

Best Wishes,
Sandipan Ray
Director, SMBConnect

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Ethics of Digitization
This age belongs to the consumers. Believe it or not. It is the consumer who is driving and directing the very course of every business in the digitally evolving era.
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