Voice of SMEs: My Passion is My True Calling
Challenges & obstacles become weak when your passion and will are strong enough to surpass them. Let’s see how Mamtaa Gupta popularly known as the Entrepreneur Alchemist found her calling and followed her dreams to become the proud owner of Buzzaria ,a Multi Brand Destination Store by Blue Lotus and living the life she always dreamt of.
Read about this inspirational womentreprenuer and her journey..
Up Close and Personal
In conversation with Nandini Vaidyanathan, the Business Woman of the Year 2014 by Business Goa. Let’s hear her story of overcoming all obstacles and getting her breakthrough in the male dominated world and establishing CARMa in her own words.
Read about her journey of becoming big in her own words..
10 major problems faced by women entrepreneurs in India
Women entrepreneurs are key players in any developing country particularly in terms of their contribution to economic development, but there are a few major challenges that they face in this journey of entrepreneurship which is mail dominated. Let’s have look at the key challenges.
7 Stories Of Rural Indian Women Achieving The Impossible
Rural India is known for its rustic beauty and for the cultural life that amazes not just the subcontinent but the entire world. But there’s another side to it-filled with stories of oppression and neglect faced by women. Here are 7 stories of rural Indian women achieving the impossible.
Women entrepreneurship: Current scenario in India
India is a fastest growing economy in the world and provides tremendous opportunities to entrepreneurs but scene for women entrepreneurs is one of the worst in the world because India is a Man’s world.
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Journey from a Housewife to Padma Shri Awardee: The Story of Vandana Luthra

Entrepreneurship is not a cakewalk, it is a difficult journey especially for women who are trying to find their feet in this field. But few are fearless and have what it takes to succeed in this thorny path. Vandana Luthra, the name behind a very well-known beauty and fitness brand VLCC is a live example of one such woman who despite all odds has today become an inspiration for many.


From a Domestic Cook Then to an Entrepreneur Now!
Meet Savitri Bharti Who is Well Known for her Tiffin System Business

Few die living an unsatisfactory life at the name of fate while few have the guts to change their fate. Savitri Bharti exemplifies the later who had the courage to change her destiny, did not hesitate starting small and is currently in the process of becoming big.

Read more to know how she broke stereotpes and chased her dreams.. Read more about this story of guts and dreams...
» Digital technology has opened avenues for small businesses; innovation essential
» All banks must enable mobile banking by March 31: Govt
» SMEs churning more revenues from exports through social media, technology: Report
» 'Imports like electronics, machinery go against Make in India'
» Small biz not ready for GST, delay roll out till September: Confederation of All India Traders
» Digitalisation, globalisation have democratised business, especially for SMEs: Widodo
» 'Online SMEs can increase GDP contribution by 10 pc'
Issue 4 - Volume 3 | March 2017
A Message from the Founder
Sandipan Ray, Editor, SMB Connect   With great pleasure, we are presenting you yet another issue of SMBConnect Newsletter. Since 8th March is celebrated as Women’s Day internationally, we thought this month creates the perfect occasion to pay reverence and tribute to  
every woman for their constructive contribution to the society and business per se.
I believe women are indespensible in each and every walk of life. From being a home maker to a doctor a scientist, an artist, a teacher or an entreprenuer, women have proved their worth everywhere. If we talk about women in business 50 years ago, there were only a few names who were struggling to find their feet in the male dominated world but today, we see many wonderful ladies redefining the entire era of business with their intelligence, innovative ideas and guts to break stereotypes and follow their dreams. I am sure, 50 years from now we will have even more businesses run by women.
SMBConnect salutes such women and encourage them to take bold, pragmatic action for change, to unleash the unlimited potential within them and keeping soaring.

In this issue which celebrates the power of women at work, you will find many interesting stories of womentreprenuers which are thoroughly inspiring and manifest the vast capabilities that women have, articles and interviews from the established business women on their journeys, some interesting facts et cetera. I hope you enjoy the read.
We continuously continue to grow from strength in terms of quality and services. Your continued patronage is greatly valued and appreciated.

Best Wishes,
Sandipan Ray
Director, SMBConnect

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Breaking Stereotypes. Chasing Dreams. Redefining Business.
From being recognized solely for their conventional roles that required care taking and managing family to breaking all barriers and proving themselves to be no less than a man ,women in our country have covered a long journey from being submissive then to unapologetically assertive now. Bringing you the stories of 5 such new age women entrepreneurs who perfectly exemplify this paradigm shift.
» 14% of Indian Businesses are run by Women Entrepreneurs
» 60% of women entrepreneurs started their business with a capital of under 1,00,000 from their personal savings
» Tamil Nadu has the highest share of women entrepreneurs in India.
» Women owned businesses provide employment to 13.45 million people.
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