10 Major Cyberattacks in History You Must Know About.
Cyber-attacks seem to be the talk of the era, dominating media discussions and government policies as of late. They are a huge threat to any nation and its economy and data security.
All You Need to Know About the Wannacry Ransomware
The nature of crimes, its sources and reach have undergone a huge change within past 30 years with cyber -crime now occupying one of the top spots. According to global security strategists, there are half a million attack attempts that are
How can SMEs protect themselves in the world of Cybercrimes?
It could be you…
According to the research conducted by Federation of Small businesses (FSB), SMEs are highly vulnerable to cybercrime. SMEs do not have as much cyber protection as the larger enterprises, hence they act as the easiest and the weakest link in the chain of victims.
Voice of SMEs
GST a comprehensive indirect tax system is just a month away from rollout. The new law is expected to help the overall growth of economy and a softening in prices and may even translate into a 2 percent GDP growth, according to experts.

With a new wave in the Indian economy, every business is looking forward with lots of anticipation and hope to be able to reap its benefits.

Up Close and Personal

Cyber security is a tolling alarm and reminder of the entailing fears for businesses and entrepreneurs. With overflow of information, hyped curiosity and trending factor, everyone is looking for the right guidance in order to not be swayed with the flow of the wind, but to actually create a valuable decision for themselves. Thus our team, understanding the need of the hour reached out the Cyber Security Business Leaders; Mr Vidit Baxi and Mr Deepak Talwar and in conversation with them were able to gather following guidelines for our readers.

Deepak Talwar
Cyber Secuirty Business Leader

On interviewing him we discussed various methods and approches to help SMEs cope with the hubub of cyber security



Vidit Baxi
Director - Technology, Lucideus.

We asked his takes and views on the raising furore over the cyber security issues of the times, sharing his thoughts he said that


Unknown Facts about Cyber-Attack.

With cyber-theft and its safety measures once again being in news with the recent WannaCry Ransomware attack, let’s have a look at some of the startling facts that will blow your mind.

» There is a map to show cyber-attacks in action created by Norse. It provides real time tracking of cyber-attacks as they are launched around the world.
» The approximate yearly cost of cybercrime adds up globally to 400 Billion dollars.

It is found that about 80 million to 90 million cyber-attacks occur every year, which is about 400 new attacks every single minute.

» Most expensive virus of the history has caused financial damage of about $38.5 billion and is called MyDoom.
» As per the report of Symantec an American Software Company; Microsoft Corp.’s Internet Explorer was the most-targeted Web browser, attracting 77% of all browser attacks.
Issue 4 - Volume 6 | June 2017
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Interesting Facts
» The GST Council has finalized tax rates on 80-90% of goods and services under the four-slab structure of 5, 12, 18 or 28% brackets.
» The expected date of implementation of GST is July 1, 2017.
» Pan masala, gutkha to attract 204% cess, SUVs 15% 
» Transport services (Railways, air transport) will be under the 5% category because their main input is petroleum, which is outside GST ambit. 
» Service tax on non-AC hotels will be 12%, on AC hotels that serve liquor will be 18%. Higher tax rate for luxury hotels. 
» E-commerce players to deduct 1% tax at source before paying suppliers. E-retailers such as Flipkart and Snapdeal to pay GST. 
» Economy class air travel to attract 5% GST, business class 12% 
» Healthcare and Education have been exempted from the service list.
» Tax rate on telecom services will go up from existing 15 per cent to 18 per cent. 
» Most mobile phones may get costlier by 4-5 per cent after the GST rate was fixed at 12 per cent. 
» The government has decided to take a gradual approach to do away with exemptions available under the current indirect tax regime while ushering in GST in a phased manner to ensure the tax reforms don't hit multiple hurdles. 
» Budget hotels and small-scale vendors registered on ecommerce sites such as Airbnb, Flipkart and Amazon will have to pay tax upfront under the goods and services tax (GST) regime when they receive payments, even if they fall in the exempted category. 
» The Department of Revenue has opened a new Twitter Handle @askGST_GoI to invite queries from all taxpayers on GST.
» GST would be India’s first federal product (policy). Also, the GST Council would be the first federal institute where the Centre and the states decide policies in co-ordination.
» RBI maintains short-term lending rate, cuts SLR
» Modi reviews GST roll-out status from July 1
» Jaitley discounts demonetisation impact on Q4 GDP growth
» Govt approves public procurement policy for local suppliers
» Govt allows digital payment of EPF benefits
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