Ethics and Moral code of the Entrepreneurship
Ethic is the moral values & behavioural standards that business & people draw on as they make decisions & solve problems.
What do you do when too many of your hires are low performers?
We all know that it is not that uncommon for us in the start-up fraternity to hit a wall with our sales team from time to time. Even the best performers go through a rough patch.
Why Feedback matters - 6 checkpoints!
With September round the corner, Indian corporates gear up for the most important process which calibrates performance and gives a sense to the employee on how he is coping with all the challenges at work.
Up Close and Personal
Business excellence & success is based on ethics & hard work, rather than cutting corners & taking unethical actions.
Nand Kishore Chaudhary
Chairman - Managing Director, Jaipur Rugs, Social Entrepreneur

» Digital payment of GST concerns SME entrepreneurs
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» Digital payment of GST concerns SME entrepreneurs
Issue 4 - Volume 8 | August 2017
A Message from the Founder
Sandipan Ray, Editor, SMB Connect   An idea or notion, worth turning into an entrepreneur requires extreme attention for its successiveness and sustainability. In order to experience a cumulative growth, a business requiresa continuous nurturing and fostering. In this process, a business tend to lose the vision for
attaining its goals effectively. This is where mentors and expertise comes into the picture to help us in paving a seamless road to growth of a business.   
Keeping in mind the importance of enlightenment, a mentor can generate in upgrading our business, we have dedicated this month’s newsletter in bringing you the best of expertise in the domain of SMEs. With the dedication of gathering the finest resources for you, this month’s edition will guide you through the details of growing a spirit strong of an entrepreneur and raising an entrepreneurship to its utmost accomplishment.   

Along with this we are immensely glad to announce that after the grand success of Start-Manage-Expand Season 3, SMBConnect is all equipped to make its grand comeback with the Season 4.  Incorporating the most eloquent speakers and over a lakhs of SMEs under one roof in 30 cities across India SMBConnect is all pepped up to prove once again that ‘Because Small Can Be Big’ with marking this year as its ‘Expanding Year’.

Once again, we are immensely appreciative of your significant feedbacks each month. Keeping the positive practice intact, your valuable comments are most welcome on info@smbconnect.in

Best Wishes,
Sandipan Ray
Director, SMBConnect

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