Issue 4 - Volume 8 | August 2017

Let’s make organizations more about the people

As a leader, the best thing that can be done for a particular organization is to invest in its people. As more and more companies are rethinking their structures and putting an emphasis on people rather than profits, this concept of human-centric operations is no longer viewed as radical.
Customers are no longer satisfied with business as usual. They want and expect more from the brands that they frequent. Very in vogue these days is the conscious consumer. He or she expects that the companies and brands that they give their hard-earned money to are responsible and ethical.
A consulting firm called Luminary Labs has coined the term “human company design,” which I think is very appropriate terminology for the methods that all businesses should adopt moving forward. Human company design refers to emphasizing focusing on people, which includes, employees and their families, communities, leaders and the community at large.
It is a holistic approach to doing business that recognizes that people – human beings – are the core of any organization. This does not mean that profits lessen. On the contrary, because while conscious capitalism makes social sense, it also makes economic sense.“To be abundantly clear, Human Company Design is not about warm fuzzies. It’s about a new business imperative that makes for stronger, more sustainable businesses. It’s about the development of an inclusive talent pool. It’s about a smarter, more efficient way to do business. It’s about the choices you, the founder or CEO make, as well as the choices your investors make when placing a bet. Foosball or healthcare coverage? It’s just a decision. But a decision that will dictate who wants to work for you, your company, and your industry — in the long run,” Luminary Labs states.
This human-centric approach attracts more conscious customers as well as employees who want to do meaningful work. These days, turnover rates at companies are alarming and is largely due to their unhappiness with the company’s culture.
By shifting to a more human-focused approach organizations can attract more customers and top talent in order to ensure future strength and success.
Weaver, Thinker, Doer

About The Company:
Jaipur Rugs is the story of thousands of empowered weavers.
Integrating current designs with the sustenance of our communities, Jaipur Rugs brings weaver’s art directly to homes and delivers not just a carpet but the blessings of a family. Jaipur Rugs offers a curated line-up of contemporary to transitional and eclectic carpets handmade in rural India.

Jaipur Rugs works with close to 40,000 artisans in 600 villages in India, providing families with sustainable livelihood at their door steps. Each of our rug passes through 180 hands, perfecting the timeless art of handmade rugs.  We continue to work with over 2500 women yarn spinners from Bikaner to spin yarn on a rudimentary ‘charkha’, consciously choosing not to replace hundreds of hand-spinning jobs with machines.

Our designs are grounded with the understanding of living spaces and intelligent functionality. A Jaipur Rugs consumer not only owns a piece of art that they can walk on, but also get connected with the emotions of the weavers imbued in each knot. Every rug brings to the cities the stories of its weaver and binds the lives at the grassroots with urban consumers

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