A Peek Into the World of Business Created By Globalization
The increased integration of international economies has created a world where Indian companies have expanded their horizons beyond the national boundaries and operate in multiple countries. Let’s have a look at the various dimensions of globalization in India and how it has affected the everyday conduct of business in the nation.
Up Close and Personal
Read more to know how his small venture turned into a global enterprise...
Over seven seas: Why Indian companies are increasingly going global
We see a considerable number of Indian companies like Zoho, Inmobi, Zomato going global and one consistent theme is that the entrepreneurs have some sort of a global stint. Let’s figure out the reasons why these companies go global
4 factors to consider before going global
These are the top factors every business must consider before crossing the national boundaries and internationalizing their brand to gain competitive edge and gain profits, listed by experts.
The Pros & Cons of Going Global With a Business
Globalization is certainly tempting for every brand but there are times that it costs more than it has to offer. Therefore, every company must study the pros and cons of internationalization before spreading their wings worldwide.
Quick Reads

This Desi Brand is Giving Tough Competition to Nike & Puma

It becomes really difficult for new brands to find their feet in a market dominated by hifi brands which are not only established but also loved and caused fetishism in millions already. But Shiv-Naresh had a strong vision and with its top notch quality and affordable pricing, it is ready to bring a revolution in the sports brands globally.


From Wiping the Tables to Becoming the Idly King of

The story of P. Rajagopal, founder of the famous food outlet “Saravana Bhawan” is sure to sow the seeds of faith in everyone who has lost the battle at the name of destiny. This Idly king of India started at a small restaurant wiping tables and now is a proud owner of one of the best vegetarian food outlets of the world with a presence of 43 outlets just outside India.

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» Lok Sabha passes all four GST Bills
» Govt imposes 10 pc import duty on wheat, tur dal
» Central GST Bill to apply pan-India except J&K for now
» Petroleum products will come under GST: Minister
Issue 4 - Volume 4 | April 2017
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Interesting Facts
» The term globalization was first employed in the year 1983 in an article of Harvard Business Review
» 2/3rd of the International trade is accounted for by just 500 corporations
» Of the world’s 100 largest economies, 50 are transnational corporations
» Many transnational companies have larger corporate sales than the most developed countries
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