Issue 3 - Volume 8 | September 2016 
Sandipan Ray, Editor, SMB Connect

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A very warm welcome to all of you! I am pleased to share with you the September issue of SMBConnect newsletter.

With Mr. Mukesh Ambani´s Reliance Jio doing the rounds lately, there are a few vital lessons every small business can learn. This new roll out correctly depicts how essential it is for businesses to create & recreate value for their customers with changing time.


For SMEs in INDIA- HR a Necessity or Evil?

Even SMEs need HR specialization to ensure that the human resources can be utilized effectively. This article talks about the significance of HRM in SMEs and a few indicators that your business must hire an HR team.


Digital Infestation - The Unstoppable

In the world where everyone is being invaded by technology, the biggest question is ❝should we let the infestation continue at its pace or should we try to control it and bring a tiered or iterated growth?❞

In conversation with...
Reflections on Mentorship

Our Mentor Mr. Anand Nair, with specialization in Business Innovation, talks about the significance of Mentoring in small businesses in this interview.


SMBConnect Insights
5 Companies Redefining Business Innovation
  In the world where customer is the king, only those companies succeed in the long run which make innovation a part of their strategy and offer what their customers want. Here´s a list of 5 such companies to take inspiration from.
The Spirit of Olympics: What Small Businesses Can Learn from the Game
  More than winning & losing, Olympics exemplifies the true essence of sportsmanship. Small Business can learn a lot of things from the summer games which they can incorporate in their business and head towards long term success.
5 Ways You Can Sail Through Tough Financial Times
  In the times of financial crunch, many small businesses sink because of not taking the necessary precautions. Since precaution is better than cure, here´s a list of 5 ways you can sail through tough financial times.
How These Indian Start-Ups are Solving SMEs Financial Woes
  The times are changing for SMEs in India and new start-ups are coming up to solve the financial woes of these businesses. Let’s have a look at a few such start-ups helping SMEs in securing financial aid easily and grow their businesses exponentially.

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