The Perks of Mentorship in a Start-up Culture

In India, the era of start-up culture is thriving now. We are at an age where from the student, the employee to the entrepreneur, everyone is more intelligent and creative. An average person is more innovative and full of great ideas. This generation is more independent, likes to take responsibilities with a sense of ownership, earn better, live better and reach all their professional goals. Every start up needs an idea to execute in perfection so that it becomes a business reality. So how do these modern generation of entrepreneurs come up with this transition?

This is where a mentor comes in. These mentors are the people who can help start-ups execute their ideas into reality. Every business starts with a dream to become a successful big corporate. A mentor’s role in start-ups is to give direction, give information, give knowledge about how to start new business from ground level & reach to new heights. Mentor stands with start-ups and businesses to accelerate their business idea to move forward.

The thing that really matters is for the owner to take initiative themselves. A start-up has to work hard to make his dream business to come alive. For example, if someone comes to you with an address & asks for some directions, what would you do? Generally everyone explains the right direction to the stranger. But no one walks them to their destination.

Similarly, in mentoring, a mentor will only show you the right direction. But will not walk with you. Start-ups have to walk in the direction alone with keeping full faith on their mentor’s directions. Many a times start-ups or even business establishments make mistakes of taking mentor for granted & wanting their mentors to work for them. Second mistake entrepreneur do is that they start thinking about money first. 'What is required to start a new business?" one should think on these ideas & plan how to execute it.

Third mistake everyone does is that they try to do each & everything by themselves. They do not ask for help or delegate or take expert advice. Everybody is not good at everything. Some are good at one thing & some at others. Therefore one has to choose the right kind of mentor for their start-ups or even if they are already into the business & want to take their business to next level.

Selection of mentor has to be done as per your business ideas. For example, if you want to start some technical related business, you have to take advice of a technically sound mentor & if your problem is of marketing & sales, you have to choose an expert who is good at marketing & sales. Select the right mentor for the right kind of solution you are looking for. If you are looking for maximum benefits, do choose the right kind of mentor relevant to your business. By doing so, your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur increases.

And lastly, keep in mind that the most important thing to become a successful entrepreneur is to pay more & more of your focus on sales. Because sales is the heart of any business, be it service industry or manufacturing industry. All successful establishments have succeeded by the profits made out of sales. Sales means generating revenue for your business. If there are no sales, no business, no organisation can survive for long.

The biggest benefit in associating with the mentor is that you can increase your business turnover, take your business to new heights & fulfil your dream of becoming a successful corporate from a small start-up. Your journey from start up to corporate can be only possible if you take your mentor seriously & move along the path of success, as shown by him.

Hitendra H Soneji
Corporate Trainer
Will To Win Soft Skills Development Training Centre