Issue 3 - Volume 11 | December 2016 
Sandipan Ray, Editor, SMB Connect
Director's Message

A very warm welcome to the December issue of SMBConnect Newsletter.
November has been the month of both shock and awe for the entire country with Demonetization coming into effect and creating a unique social current in the country.

Reams of debates and discussions have been doing the rounds with the various repercussions it has brought lately and will bring in the future economy. With a hope of long term advancement of national interest, this attempt to destroy the parallel economy of black money also has some unavoidable short-term inconvenience vastly affecting the backbone of Indian economy i.e. Small Businesses. Given that 80-90% of the work culture in the small industries is based on cash, the entire business is utmost affected with trade going down tremendously and huge challenge to purchase raw materials which is the major source of business for this industry.
The only possible panacea for the current small businesses turmoil would be to finally enter the digital world and get used to the ways of a cashless economy to make the most out of the ongoing monetary reformations. Let’s hope for the best to happen.

Now coming to our newsletter, here you would find a cover story “The Voice of SMEs” discussing how SMEs are dealing with the ongoing crises post demonetization, didactic articles from the industry experts like “Tarit Bhaumik” talking about the SMEs in manufacturing sector and “Vinay Singhal” on the pressing need to uplift the capital goods industry in India. Moreover, we bring you some of the useful insights on the ongoing business trends and events taking place in the economy. Hope you find them to the best of your use.

Best Wishes,
Sandipan Ray
Director, SMBConnect
Demonetization: The Voice of SMEs

The Indian SMEs have apparently been hit hard with the short-term consequences of Demonetization. Let’s hear them speaking their stories on how they are dealing with the current ongoing crisis.


SME in Manufacturing Sector: The Human Face

Read our expert Mr. Tarit Bhaumik's take on the status quo of SMEs in the manufacturing sector. He argues that the key to success & growth is to run the industry with a human face.


Capital Goods Industry: What Can Be Done to Pep It Up

Renowned Business Adviser and Researcher, Mr. Vinay Singhal discusses the pressing need to uplift the capital goods industry which plays a critical role in driving growth, creating jobs and boosting exports.


SMBConnect Insights
Social Media: The Secret Sauce Recipe for Business Success
  Business success in the world of internet is directly proportional to the adequate utilization of social media where companies can establish their firm presence.
Why Small Business Success Should Be a Matter of National Interest
  Small Businesses in India have a major role in the growth of the economy creating huge employment opportunities to millions and creating an egalitarian society.
SMBConnect Unveils Advisory Services Platform for Small & Medium Enterprises
  The Director of SMBConnect, Mr. Sandipan Ray talks about their recently launched Advisory Services especially designed to help small-medium enterprises to succeed in the market of huge competition.

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