Issue 3 - Volume 7 | July 2016 
Sandipan Ray, Editor, SMB Connect

Director's Message

A warm welcome to fellow entrepreneurs in our monsoon edition. A lot is happening lately in Indian economic forefront. To begin with, due to this onset of heavy rainfall, NCAER has already predicted GDP to grow at 7.6 and 7.7 per cent in 2015-16 and 2016-17 respectively. That settled, it is the GST that seems to be spearheading speculations.


Evolution of Traditional Advertising

Digital advertising is personalized, while all other traditional modes of advertising are mass medium for reaching out to potentially as many people as they possibly can. But, should that be the real reason and challenge that the industry has not been able to utilize the technology at its best?


Focus on Engaging the Millennial workforce

Organizations need to redesign their workplace in order to keep the millennial retained as they generally keep one foot out while they work for an organization. Creating an enriching and engaging experience for these future talented leaders is what organizations need to focus upon.

Entrepreneurial Lessons That My Dad Taught Me

In a candid conversation with Mr. Rahul, a young entrepreneur, talks of everyday lessons that he has picked up, living under the wing of his father and mentor, the immensely successful founder of RK Group of Nepal, Lets hear out and get inspired through his success story.


SMBConnect Inside
5 Ways Small and Medium Enterprises Can Bloom This Monsoon
  Here is an overview of how the heavy monsoons can play a key role in the prosperty of the SMB sector this year.
Why SME Sector Should Welcome GST With Open Arms
  With GST implementations to take effect soon, here are a few ways how the SME sector is sure to benefit in myriad ways.
Thanks to SMEs for our Economic Freedom
  Since Independence, SMEs have come a long way and today, it's contribution is significant to the growth of the economy.

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