MAPP – Managing Attitudes & Performance Potential
How To Make Your People Perform Better?

Ms. Tay Chinyi Helena & Mr. Sreenidhi S K

About the Authors:

Ms. Tay Chinyi Helena is the Executive Director of Oscar Murphy Life Strategists, Bangalore, which delivers high value L&D programmes to businesses across multiple sectors.

Chinyi has trained and coached executive directors, managers and leaders in areas of Strategic Consulting, Leadership, Team Development, Human Resource Optimisation, Performance Management, Coaching and Mentoring across the globe.

She helps individual leaders amplify natural strengths and transform limitations to achieve personal, professional and business success.

  Mr. Sreenidhi S K is the Managing Director of Oscar Murphy Life Strategists, Bangalore. He is a Behavioural Master Trainer, who is also a sought-after Motivational & Keynote Speaker.

He has 30 years of experience in the business world as a Life Strategist, Behavioural Master Trainer, Coach, Change Catalyst, Business Owner and Entrepreneur.

His key expertise lies in the conducting sessions on Motivation, Leadership, Spirituality, Business Leadership and People Empowerment for cross cultural leadership teams and resonates positive energy while interacting with high profile individuals from across the world.


Performance is the need of the hour. You perform or perish, people are told. Customers, bosses, parents, teachers and virtually everyone demands performance. 

People who give excuses & justification for non-performance, do not grow. So If I need to succeed, I have no choice but to perform. But still people do not perform and to get them to perform is not easy either. So what do you do?

The performance problem is bothering every organization. Global competition makes it a must for organisations to get people who perform better and faster

But then why are people faced with challenges in performing? 

It is not always due to lack of knowledge or skills to perform the given task or job. 
They CAN DO the job in most cases. 

They are ABLE-TO-DO the job with adequate training or coaching in many situations. 
Some of them even WANT-TO-DO it. 

Since knowledge, skills and aptitude are trainable, the problem then with most people is the WILLING-TO-DO part. 
The CAN DO is all about knowledge and skills. The ABLE-TO-DO is all about aptitude for the job. The WANT-TO-DO is the wish list. The WILL-TO-DO is all about ATTITUDES, BELIEFS, VALUES, & PERSONALITY

The MAPP is a 5 Step Process to Performance Improvement:

  • Your responsibility is to find out how your key people are different in their mental processes 
  • To assess & understand the emotional responses and inner motivation of each person
  • To assess performance competency of people. Every job needs certain key competence for a successful completion. Every person has specific competence in which they are good at. This assessment exercise is the key to getting the right person for the right job
  • To understand the typical behaviors at work and off work situations
  • All about people’s patterns of communication that they use knowingly or unknowingly. This pattern or habit can be to our advantage or disadvantage.

Leaders want leaders who perform at every level. We need leadership at all levels. If you need the scientific approach to leadership development in your organisation then MAPP helps to bridge the Gap. Learn to bridge the gap between actual performance and real potential right now since no organisation can wait for the people to perform or for performance to happen by chance. 

So what is MAPP? MAPP = Managing Attitude & Performance Potential

Bridge the Gap with MAPP by measuring the hidden potential of people in terms of Attitudes, Behaviours and Competency. MAPP is a scientific process-driven approach to measuring people of their potential for performance. 

MAPP enables find one’s innate strengths in the most objective and unbiased manner. People learn to reflect on their relative strengths and introspect on their possible plans of action to maximise their performance. MAPP is the most powerful way to get people to prepare their IPDP: Individual Performance Development Plan

You will be able to identify the people’s ability in terms of:

  1. Inherent strengths to perform and how to leverage on Strengths
  2. Known & Unknown Weaknesses and how to cope with Weaknesses
  3. How to use the Strengths and Competency to open-up Opportunities
  4. How to cope with one’s weaknesses so as to deal with possible Threats
  5. Developing one’s career growth and leadership potential 
  6. Enhancing interpersonal dynamics and building stronger team work
  7. Enhancing productivity and performance at all levels
  8. Learning to appraise and manage performance to boost results
  9. Getting people to develop the right competency required for the job
  10. Choosing the Right Person for the right job
  11. Accomplishing results smarter, better and faster
  12. Identifying, developing and benefiting for greater job satisfaction

Believe in yourself and all that you are.
Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.– Christian D. Larson