5 Tips to Use Social Media Effectively for Your Small Business


Brands want to be seen and heard and social media platforms give them the opportunity to do just that.  Brands, agencies and corporates leverage social media to reach thousands of people at once. But, while they engage in campaigns, contests, polls, videos and infographics to engage with their audience, they often miss out the basics. Here are five best social media tips for business for more intelligently and strategically.

Understand your Purpose of Posting

Before you start posting on social media, know what you want to achieve out of it and what your target audience is. Your content and social media marketing strategy should revolve around the answers to these questions, that is, every marketing effort you make on social media should be directed at accomplishing your purpose.

Use a mix of images, videos and illustrations and Engaging Captions

Using a mix of pictures, infographics, memes, GIFs, boomerangs and videos make your posts more interesting and appealing and thus, increases the engagement on your posts are the tips for small businesses.

Keep your captions short, intriguing, crisp and quirky. Opt for a conversational tone, one that compels your audience to stop scrolling, comment and share your posts to promote business on social media.

Make Moderate Use of Hashtags

Using hashtags help you find people with similar interests and gain extra visibility are the key social media tips. But, refrain from using too many hashtags since Instagram mark such posts as spam, reducing their discoverability. Choose 4-5 relevant hashtags that are broad, specific and that can connect you to right people.

Tag Deserving Brands and People

How to use social media responsibly? Do not forget to tag the organizers if you are attending a corporate event, or your clients when you are posting something about them. Tag people who attend your events or participate in polls, contests and campaigns ran by you. You can also use location tag to relate to your audience better.

Ensure Prompt Response and Stay Active

Make sure you respond promptly and meaningfully to the comments on your posts. Striking a conversation with your audience will make them feel heard and valued. Also, keep your social media feed updated by posting regularly. This will keep your audience interested in your feed.

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