How to Select the Right Agency for Your Small Business?


Transforming your business from a small organisation to a big, successful enterprise is no mean task. There are 51 million Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India and making your business stand out among these requires a lot more than an idea or commitment.

Digital transformation has redrawn the rules of competition for small businesses. To succeed in the digital world, you cannot operate in isolation. You have to inevitably rely on an external agency to provide you the relevant expertise and knowledge that stimulates your business growth.

While selecting the external agency, you need to ensure that it meets all your requirements. But, the catch is that one agency may not have the expertise across all business services. So before you set out to look for an agency for your business, make sure that you have answers to questions like should I hire an integrated 360-degree agency or multiple agencies with expertise within their respective domains? Should I look for a best digital marketing agency, a PR agency or a brand agency? Here are some quick tips to help you get your answers to these questions!

Know Your Objectives

Deliberate on the business challenges that you want to resolve. Once you know them, you can identify the business function with which you need assistance and determine the quantifiable goals that you want to achieve through the partnership.

Partnership Instead of Outsourcing

Partner with the agency instead of outsourcing your business functions to them. It is important that you invest time and money in the agency since it will be responsible for building your brand and bringing in success.

Research your Agency Options Well

To zero down on the right agency for your Small and Medium Enterprise, it’s crucial that you have an array of options. Ask your LinkedIn contacts, your industry peers or visit marketing consultants to identify the best agencies providing the business service that you need.

Integrated Agency or a Specialist One

A large agency can offer you expertise in a variety of business services ranging from finance to marketing but small specialist agencies have their own perks. You can be assured of more attention and customised services in addition to better understanding of your work requirements.

Understanding their Pricing Model

Discuss what businesses services the agency would offer you and at what price. Know if there is a scope for negotiation and tailoring the services according to your need. And lastly, find out if there is a way to incentivise the agency to deliver results.

Meet the Team

Agencies often send their best talent to pitch to prospective clients. The people you meet may not be the ones who would actually work for you. Visit the agency office to meet the team that will work for your business to ensure that you and the team are in sync.

Agency that you select will have the mandate of delivering the competitive edge to your small business. So put in good amount of efforts so that the partnership you forge reaps fruitful rewards in the long term.

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