Ethical Issues of Digitization in Businesses


This age belongs to the consumers. Believe it or not. It is the consumer who is driving and directing the very course of every business in the digitally evolving era. Inevitable is to get away with the demands a consumer has, which it wants to be materialised at a click. With the increase in number of consumers on board, it is very necessary for the organisation to safe guard the privacy and data provided by the consumer.

Therefore, if you are still dubious wheatear you should or should not be visible on the standard laptop or mobile screen, darn! Because you are missing on something unavoidable.

Being digitally available isn’t just a bandwagon you need to be a participant of but the very requirement for your business to be going and escalating to the heights you always want it to be at. Along with this, digitization should adhere to the code of ethics in terms of protecting the consumer in the expanding of data-driven world.

Digitization shouldn’t be a procedure of donning your business with a gamut of digital technologies on existing offerings you have to make. Instead it should have enough precautionary tools to make the business protective of consumer policies. To be a digital, an organisation should embed digitization in the core of its mind-set, operations, management and culture of its working.

Since, it is important to understand the basics of building an ethically digitized business, here are 3 steps for getting you started.

Creating a Digital Mind-set

As per Accenture Strategy Study, only less than half of global businesses are digital. Therefore, much before implementing a digital strategy we need to inculcate a digital mind-set.  It is very important to know the target audience we are catering to so that an anti-spam structure is built, protecting the interest of consumers.  Amongst the successive battle towards letting the digital strategy take over, it is important to make a relevant balance between the traditional and the digital way of doing the business right.

Building an Ecosystem

An organisation, in order to blaze into the realm of digitization, should create an ecosystem, positioning its products as enough capable to make way into the upgrading world. Instead of creating new products, the existing ones should be demonstrated as digitally worthy. Also, being transparent in terms of endorsing is important. The consumer should know what they are being sold. 

Consumer should be Your Best Friend

Jump back to the first line of this blog, did you read “this age belongs to the consumer”?

Exactly. So, no matter which way you go, always remember that safeguarding your consumer’s interest should be your foremost mantra. Digital era is giving a stronger voice to your consumer which shouldn’t be disregarded.

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