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Mr. Sandipan Ray
Dear Associates,

Thank you for your continuous patronage. We have come up a long way since we first started SMBConnect.

Time is changing, with the pace of technological change making almost everything possible, we tend to think of our age as the most innovative ever. We have smartphones, supercomputers, big data and nanotechnologies and many more, but it’s not. The technology keeps on developing day by day. What we need to think is “Are we adopting these technological change to our business”..

Innovation is the new mantra of growth for an organization, one must innovate in order to succeed & expand its business.

This newsletter will hold the importance of innovation & online marketing for SME sector.
SMEs will fuel India's growth Impact of technology innovation in Indian SMEs
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India is a land of unorganised & unstructured business. There are people who are experts in their domains- Manufacturing, Trading, Sourcing, Designing etc and they build small busin...   Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)are socially and economically important sectors in India that provide 60 million jobs representing 15% of India’s workforce through 26 million enterprises....  
Innovation the key to sucess   Think Out Of The Box  
Small scale industries play a vital role in the economic development of our country. Employing close to 40% of India's workforce and contributing 45% to India's manufacturing output,...   You must have heard the phrase “Think out of the box?” Usually, this phrase is used to encourage someone to create a solution or solve a problem by thinking differently.But in order to think...  
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